We are the company producing wheels with rubber tyre, on aluminium and cast-iron hubs, since 1978. The idea to implement this technology appeared while cooperating with a Swedish company. We were the first to introduce this type of wheels on the Polish market.


In September 2019, the rubber wheel production department was transferred from Father to Son.


Quality of the manufactured products is our main objective. Our production crew is a combination of experience and youth. Our employees are up to 20 years in service, which is the best confirmation of that fact. Due to rare staff turnover, we keep a stable quality and performance of our goods. This is proven by the fact that our products are sold in Poland as well as to Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Latvia and Czech Republic.


In 2019 we modernized our machines and the production process with the help of a company closely working with the Rubber Research Institute in Piastów. We combine our experience in wheel production, with their expertise of novelty and innovation in production of rubber goods. As a result, we have accomplished better performance and even higher quality of our products.